Project Description

Roger Hodgson of Supertramp

Roger Hodgson has been recognized as one of the most gifted composers, songwriters and lyricists of our time. As the legendary voice and composer of many of the band’s greatest hits, he gave us “Give a Little Bit,” “The Logical Song,”“Dreamer,” “Take the Long Way Home,”“Breakfast in America,” “It’s Raining Again,”“School,” “Fool’s Overture” and so many others that have become the soundtrack of our lives. His songs have remarkably stood the test of time and earned Roger and Supertramp an adoring worldwide following.

During the time that Roger was with the band, Supertramp became a worldwide rock phenomenon, selling well over 60 million albums to date. His most recent release, “Classics Live,” is a spectacular collection of his live performances recorded on his 2010 world tour.

Roger Hodgson - Live in Europe