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Gisela João

Born and raised in Barcelos, Gisela João lived in Porto for six years. Eventually, singing won her over and took her to Lisbon.
In a small “borrowed” house in Mouraria she struggled under the oppressive weight of solitude and often thought of quitting, although she resisted. She first conquered half of Lisbon, then the whole city, from Lisbon’s Fado Houses to the mythical Lux club, from the Small Auditorium of the Belem Cultural Centre to the São Luiz Theatre.

Then the time came to face that big challenge and record her first album. She found the ideal counterpart in Frederico Pereira, and they started recording together.The album was released on 1 July, 2013, and two weeks later it reached Number One on the Portuguese Sales Chart, and most Portuguese music critics rated it as the most important debut album by a Portuguese artist in the Twentieth Century, with Gisela João receiving the Amália Best New Artist award, named after the famous fado singer with whom she has been often compared in view of her talent.

“Amália Rodrigues was the greatest Fado singer of the 20th century.

Miguel Esteves Cardoso

Gisela Joao - Live in Europe